Zora 1

Zora visiting the player's house

Zora 2
Can you protect us, please?



Zora is a woman whose husband is away in another town, and is currently surviving in Pogoren with her teenage daughter. She will ask for help for two occasions - one to help board up her house against would-be attackers, and another to help protect them from the same shady-looking types with a shotgun.

Upon completion of the second job, the player would get some ammo. Later on, Zora will interact with the characters at the shelter, thanking them for their help and telling them that she and her daughter are moving to live with her husband's side of the family. She will give you her husband's shotgun.

First visit

I live nearby with my daughter. I've heard rumors of looters pillaging houses and raping women. I can lock the doors but they could get inside through the windows. Can you help me board them up? My husband was taken by the rebels in the first year of the war and hasn't returned yet. We're all alone, please help us!

–Can you help me board up my windows?, Zora

Second visit

It's me again. Yesterday, I saw a band of shady-looking types watching my house. I'm so scared! They might try to rob us or worse. I have a teenage daughter! Can you please protect us for a night or two? You can use my husband's hunting shotgun.

–Can you protect us, please?, Zora

Gain ammunition as a reward upon scavenger's return.

Third visit

Thank you so much for protecting us. My sister and her husband came to visit us. They live in another party of town and invited us to stay with them. I think we'll be safer there, so we're leaving. But before we go. I wanted to thank you and give you my husband's shotgun along with the rest of our ammunition. We won't need it anymore. I hope.

–We're moving, thank you for everything, Zora

Gain Broken Shotgun, 10 Ammunition and 6 Weapon Parts.

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