Could you keep these meds for my friend?

- Yosyp

Yosyp is an in-game NPC who will give the player a large quantity of medication.


Yosyp will give 2 Medications and 1 Herbal Meds. Although he asked the player to keep them for his friend Anna when she comes, player can use these supplies freely without penalty, as Anna will never come to the shelter.

Cveta and Marko will have thought:

"That Anna is one lucky girl to have such a friend. Most people would just keep the meds for themselves."

Cveta will be content while Anton won't but have thought:

"Maybe we should keep these meds for ourselves? What are the odds that the girl is even alive?"


"That girl probably won't come, maybe we could put these meds to good use"


"That boy care about this Anna so much that he trusted us. Will she really come here? I wonder."


"Naive boy. His Anna is probably dead. He should've kept the meds for himself."