Area Details
Danger Level: Very High
Inhabitants: 3x Armed Thugs
Useful Tools: Saw Blade x2
Crowbar or Lock Pick x2 (x1 will work)


The Warehouse consists of the main building and a small, shelled structure. It is occupied with 3 armed thugs and is considered very dangerous. Two of them will stay on the right side of the warehouse, while the third will usually occupy the left. Though loot here is marked private property, stealing it doesn't incur a morality penalty.

Recommended Equipment

  • 2x Saw Blades to bypass 2 grated doors
  • 1x Lock Pick or Crowbar to open a locked locker. There is one locked door on the map but it can circumvented by going outside and climbing on top of the roof.
  • Knife or Hatchet for stealth-ambush tactics.
  • Shotgun/Assault Rifle, Helmet and Military Vest for hard confrontation tactics.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle is highly recommended in a special tactic if the player possesses it. Climb up the rooftop of the shelled small house in the far right side, and open fire into the thugs in the entrance with your sniper rifle. For unknown reasons, the thugs are unable to respond and retaliate (possible due to the long range and/or a bug), and the player can shoot them until they die. The last remaining thug guarding the exit then becomes quite easy to dispatch, either by a stealth melee ambush or direct fire with looted/brought weapons. Thus, the warehouse becomes a loot location of extremely high reward compared to its easiness of clearing.

Notable Loot

Combat Strategies

If you are cautious and look through a peephole shortly after entering the map, you will see two thugs having a conversation about killing innocent civilians and robbing aid convoys. Let them finish their conversation and wait awhile before trying to enter the building. Two thugs will hang out in the main building- one near the entrance will be armed with an Assault Rifle and Military Vest, and a thug upstairs is armed with a Shotgun. The third thug walks towards the Warehouse area on the left side of the map, where he will stay, and is armed with a Pistol. Each carries some Ammunition. The entrance building and connected Warehouse has several hiding spots in which your scavenging character can hide, and ambush a passing thug.

Combat Tactics

Using a Character capable of Backstabbing

If you didn't come with a weapon, then you should probably loot what you can outside then leave. Sneaking back-stabs from behind can be performed by Roman using any melee weapon or by Arica using a Knife. Other characters can attempt backstabs from hiding spots, preferably using an effective weapon like the Knife. After the two thugs outside finish their conversation they will enter the building. One of the thugs will slowly walk to the left side of the map and stay inside the left-most part of the Warehouse indefinitely; this thug can be avoided so long as the player waits long enough for him to walk away. The second thug may stand next to the opposite side of an entrance door facing away or may go upstairs. Next to the doorway is a convenient hiding spot.

If using Arica or Roman then the thug by the entrance can be killed with a back-stab takedown from behind. After killing him, quickly move into the hiding spot.

The noise from the killing will attract the thug from the upper floor and he will run down the stairs. You can attempt a back-stab from the hiding spot when he gets close enough. You can loot both bodies at this point for the Assault Rifle, Military Vest, Shotgun, and some Ammunition.

The third thug can be dealt with by hiding in one of the hiding spots inside the Warehouse (or alternatively with another back-stab). Since he stays on the left side of the Warehouse, you will want to use one of the left-most hiding spots. Two avenues of approach are to either climb to the upper roof and pass overhead or head left on the ground floor and hope the thug won't see you. Using the roof is safer since the thug cannot detect you passing overhead. Wait until his back is turned, or until he goes outside the west Warehouse exit, to maneuver into a nearby hiding spot on the ground floor. Wait until he passes by to back-stab him from the hiding spot. His body will have a Pistol and Ammunition.

Note, it may be difficult to kill all 3 thugs and still have enough time to do a lot of scavenging.

Hard Confrontation Tactics (Not Recommended)

There will be two thugs talking to each other outside the front door. When you shoot at them, the third one may come out if you were impatient and didn't wait. Otherwise, he will be found inside the Warehouse. It takes 3 shots with the Assault Rifle to kill a thug and 2 with the Scoped Assault Rifle, so be sure to bring enough Ammunition.

Morale Impacts

After killing the last thug, your scavenger may return home sad but the other survivors will not be affected and most will instead be happy that the scavenger survived the encounter. Killing all the thugs will be noted during the epilogue.