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1. Upgrade your workshop to level 2.

2. Build 2 animal traps.

3. Build at least 2 Stove.

4. Put dozens of wood into 1 stove. 1 Wood will be for 2 days so 25 woods will seal the deal. These are for fuel for cooking.

5. Upgrade other stove and you may want to cook some meal.

6. Reduce the number of your survivors to 1 who should not be wounded or sick.

7. Start to eat normally (1 food to keep hunger status away for every two days).

8. Always going out and scavenging at night. By doing so, scavenger will be immune to daily event sickness and daily event injury. You may want to get some water and always carry water, medical supplies and some food with the scavenger so they can not be stolen at night.

9. Survivor doesn't need to scavenge anything at night, just chilling around.

10. The only problem that is left will be morale which can be fixed by donating goods to hospital, garage, church, etc. (donating only 1 goods will be enough and targets should be groups that need help, not the military, thug or rebel). To make it cheap, Can food is highly advised to be donated goods.

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