Razorgirl suggested I try a blog, so here's my first wiki blog anywhere ever (though I've been doing wikis themselves since 2005).

I've been doing a deep analysis of prices, trading, profitability, shortages and the like since about 7/31/16. I started playing TWoM 7/22/16 and as of this writing, 8/21/16, Steam says I've played 360 hours, but that can't be entirely correct (~12 hours/day??); it must include time the game is up on my PC, but I'm not playing. Anyway, the Shortages page is a little spin-off from my analysis, as well as the Hatchet data and graphic.

All my work is on the auto-updated Steam version (currently says 2.2.2) on a custom Win7 PC, overclocked from 3400 to 4400 Mhz, two dual quad HD monitors. Tip for anyone doing testing in TWoM on a PC: The windowed version makes it much easier to tab out.

I'm a scientist who loves data and figuring things out. I am into big tables where you can see everything at once. I am not a fan of spreading it all out over individual pages on each item. So I am going to post most of the data on a single/few pages of long tables. If anyone wants to divvy it up onto other pages past that, that's perfectly fine. What I bring to wikis is game insights, not fine wiki formatting. I'll leave that to others. Anyone is more than welcome to parse it out onto other pages however you like. Just make sure all the original info can still be fairly readily located in one form or another. And make sure you leave the big tables somewhere for those of us who like them. Once I post my info I will move on to another game within a few days or weeks and probably rarely/never come back, so please ask questions quickly if you want to. From my perspective, I have become burnt out after weeks of tedious testing, then making wiki pages, and want to move on to something else by then. I've done the same thing for scores of games over the years.

The reason I really like big tables is because then you can sort, filter, and see the real differences between items. You can not do that when each item is on its own page.

Right now I am doing final testing on exceptions to the usual rules of which traders want what, at what rates. I hope to have a huge page on Trade posted within a week.

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