how to survive the war in style:

there are never enough boxes or gears

early days:

you want high value items to trade with franko

if u can, hit the most hostile location you can, kill them bad guys, take their guns and bullets, that's money

to receive Components, Parts, Wood.  to build your stuff

1 bullet == 1 gear

yet u can carry 20 in one slot!

moonshine a good early trade item. Anton/Cveta need to brew early and often.

some games i never build a radio. or chairs.   focus on survival

first stretch to building Board Up and Reinforced Door.   then Herb Garden, and once u upgrade to Veg Garden ur set

learn where the Veg is.  save u life in early game   (basement of school saw blade.  construction site top right with th chairs. some fridge)

later game whn u have garden, grow herbs and make meds.  can profit hard this way

remember the edge of tomorrow.  hit that supermarket. warehouse. hotel. outpost.   some deep riches to enrich u people

during summr, make bandages.    during winter,  herbal meds instead.  boxes are too 3xpensive now

u 2 can be a war survival expert

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