But it seems by staying out at night, he will not freeze to death.

I trade with franko for sugar. I make 6 moonshines. Now Military Outpost -- I trade with soldiers for enough bandages to fully heal, and weapons parts for a hatchet. Just in time for winter, but I have not been able to upgrade my heater, cannot bring temp above 11°

I spent one night in bed bandaged and woke up slightly wounded but also slightly sick. Used my last bandage (no meds ofc). But it seems by staying out at night, I will not freeze to death.

That one trip to Military Outpost unlocked more locations -- Hotel, Church, Hospital (!) but of course the Hospital is blocked due to snow.

Died twice edging St. Mary's. Got lucky the last time and wasn't sick. Killed first guy, clear basement grates and rubble, killed second guy on his way to bed. Now i have shotgun, pistol, 20 bullets. Head home feeling like I might actually beat this thing.

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