• Qualityroller

    Once he got guns, it became much easier. Kept him well fed from day 26 on. Got good at bringing everything along at night so nothing stolen, but raids, and v1.3 bug about bandits private property, continued to sadden him. One moonshine day / bed night cheered him up. Last night before ceasefire, killed kidnappers and freed hostage at the Hotel. Ended the war Well Fed, Normal Mood, with a good supply of weapons and 2 bandages left. But got the Karma ending, probably due mostly to the 1.3 bug, after at least 3 separate nights saddened by taking from the church bandits.

    I think I'm ready for the Grumpy Old Hermit.

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  • Qualityroller

    But it seems by staying out at night, he will not freeze to death.

    I trade with franko for sugar. I make 6 moonshines. Now Military Outpost -- I trade with soldiers for enough bandages to fully heal, and weapons parts for a hatchet. Just in time for winter, but I have not been able to upgrade my heater, cannot bring temp above 11°

    I spent one night in bed bandaged and woke up slightly wounded but also slightly sick. Used my last bandage (no meds ofc). But it seems by staying out at night, I will not freeze to death.

    That one trip to Military Outpost unlocked more locations -- Hotel, Church, Hospital (!) but of course the Hospital is blocked due to snow.

    Died twice edging St. Mary's. Got lucky the last time and wasn't sick. Killed first guy, cl…

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  • Qualityroller

    day 20

    July 3, 2015 by Qualityroller

    marko is severly wounded, sick, sad, curb on crme last night but i only have couple days till winter

    i have just enough to build the hatchet

    feed him well. at least he aint sad no more

    i believe tonight will be safe -- night after curb on crime

    i wish i had unlocked hospital by now but marko solo dont go out enough

    hail mary plan: military outpost, hatchet

    i died

    so i quit fast

    restart this day -- i try not to do this. but its that or end game

    this time i build two saw blades. i go ruined block of flats

    get 1 bandage and some other trade goods

    tomorrow i will live another day at least

    now i log off. dj some ableton. take my girl to bed. real life is the real game

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  • Qualityroller

    prep for the grumpy old hermit challenge, i play marko solo, refusing new survivors. this playthrough i do accept help fom neighbors

    so far my method is to use all materials i have every day. they cant steal nothing

    and take advantage of mechanics — cooked meals, caught but uncollected trap food, brewed but uncollected moonshine, these are unstealable

    outbreak of crime on day 11, so night 10 i go out for the last supplies for a week. i have sugar, water and the meds that guy droped off for his friend Anna

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  • Qualityroller

    some thoughts

    June 4, 2015 by Qualityroller

    how to survive the war in style:

    there are never enough boxes or gears

    early days:

    you want high value items to trade with franko

    if u can, hit the most hostile location you can, kill them bad guys, take their guns and bullets, that's money

    to receive Components, Parts, Wood.  to build your stuff

    1 bullet == 1 gear

    yet u can carry 20 in one slot!

    moonshine a good early trade item. Anton/Cveta need to brew early and often.

    some games i never build a radio. or chairs.   focus on survival

    first stretch to building Board Up and Reinforced Door.   then Herb Garden, and once u upgrade to Veg Garden ur set

    learn where the Veg is.  save u life in early game   (basement of school saw blade.  construction site top right with th chairs. some fridge)

    later game w…

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