Well, since the wikia is really lacking in detail and the such, there are some things that I suggest should be added here:

  1. A table for crafting. This should include stuff like how many items are needed to make what and so on.
  2. A strategy guide for clearing hard locations (such as the military outpost (seriously...ive restarted too many damn times cause of that (alt f4 op)) and the warehouse).
  3. What is included in each location. Though some elements are random in the loot and the such, there are some containers that always contain the same amount and type of loot no matter what (e.g being the starting locations)

There have already been some people putting down crap for points 1 and 3, but the layout of the information is just really unorganised and should be more presentable (English advanced bullshitting skills right here).

But overall, experimenting phase is still going i guess.

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