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    Best characters?

    November 27, 2014 by Kaffe4200

    I've seen some people liking and disliking some of the characters, though I think they are all fairly balanced. Obviously, most of them are rather situational, but I figured I'd see what people considered the best and worst overall characters. Here's my opinion:

    1. Zlata
    Zlata's ability to help depressed survivors better than others is an amazing asset. I've found this incredibly useful. Plus, she has no addictions, knows how to play guitar and has 12 backpack spots. The best character in my opinion.

    2. Bruno
    His ability is awesome, and one of the most significant ones. He also seems to be rather egoistic, which can be a great thing. The only minus is that he's a smoker.

    3. Emilia
    This apathetic girl is reliable. She will rarely get sad/content, w…

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