This document has been created to assist editors to ensure that all pages have the same format.

Page Type Formatting

Where possible, the goal is to have all pages of the same category to have the same format/appearance. Examples of each of these pages can be found here for you to copy and paste and modify as needed.

  • Items Template - These are used for any and everything that has an item card: weapons, armour, medicines, consumables, scenarios and locations

Wiki-Wide Formatting

These rules should apply to all pages within this Wiki...

Page Names

The pages should be named in Title Case, with Definite and Indefinite Articles (an, and, of, the, etc) in lower case.



All headings in the Wiki should be in Bold.

Text Format

If you copy text from a Rich Text Editor, Wikia's Visual Editor can retain superfluous code from your orignal transcription. This code can interfere with Wiki Code formatting and thus should be removed from all Wiki pages whenever it is discovered, and replaced with Wiki-code. eg.

  • Paragraph html code (<p class="p1"></p>)
  • Span html code (<span></span>)


Categories should be named as plurals.
Stories, not Category:Story
Children, not Child

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