Theses are the people you can go to if you need help with any aspect regarding this Wiki. For details about all the different Moderator Roles that Wikia have coded into their Wikis and what they can do, check out Wikia's page on Wikia Moderators.


For the most part, Admins are just like any other person here. The only thing that distinguishes the Admins from any other User is that they can:

  • Delete Images
  • Delete Pages
  • Change the CSS for this Wiki (how it looks)
  • Ban Users

Current Admins

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Wiki Gnomes

Wiki Gnome is someone that works behind the scenes of a wiki, tying up little loose ends and making things run more smoothly. Examples of WikiGnome-like behavior include fixing typos, correcting poor grammar, creating redirects, adding categories, and repairing broken links.

The Wiki Gnomes for this Wiki are people that that have demonstrated that they have a decent understanding of how Wikis work, and are willing to help people out where and when they can. Should you need help coding a page, these people are the folks that will be able to help you out (assuming that no one in the Chat can help). You can recognise them by the Wiki Gnome Title and Logo on their Profile Pages.

Anyone can nominate themselves to be a Wiki Gnome; just add the "Wiki Gnomes" category to your profile page. Sometimes an Admin may name someone as a Gnome for knowing their stuff when it comes to Wikis.

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