Some thoughts is a review of your shelter and it is advised to often read it to improve your living condition in the shelter. It can be found in the "My items" slot apart from your items.

(I was writing this by memory. Needs checking and improvement.)

Overall texts:

  • "Our shelter is one depressing ugly ruin. We should do something about it."
  • "Our shelter offers a bit of reprieve from the horrors of war."
  • "Our shelter feels almost like home, giving us relief and helping us regain composure."


  • 0 - We don't have any books.
  • 1 or 2 - We really miss books. A good book could help us forget the horrors of war.
  • 3-9 - We've got a few books.
  • 10+ - We are glad to have many books.

+ "A good book and an armchair help to forget about horrors of war." if 3+ books.


  • Is in shelter. - Zlata is a blessing. When she notices someone is sad, she consoles them.
  • Not in shelter. - (nothing)


  • None. - (nothing)
  • 1 guitar - Good that we have a guitar, this simple instrument cheers us up in these hard times.
  • 1 guitar + Zlata - We've got a guitar and Zlata can play it really well. Her music cheers us up in these hard times.


  • No radio - We don't have a radio, we don't know what's going on in the city.
  • Have radio - We have a radio and listen to the news.
  • Have radio, listen to Classic or Rock stations - We have a radio and we like listening to it.


  • 0 - We don't have any beds.
  • 1 - We have one bed, but we could use more.
  • 2+ - We have beds and sleep in decent condition. If someone gets wounded or sick they'll have a place to rest.

+ "It's hard to get a good night's sleep on hard, cold concrete.'' if <2 beds.


  • 0 - We don't have any chairs...
  • 1 - We have a chair...
  • 2+ - We have chairs...

Armchairs (continues same sentence)

  • 0 - but we don't have any armchairs.
  • 1 - and an armchair.
  • 2+ - and armchairs.

Smokers in group:

  • no cigarettes - We lack cigarettes!
  • have cigarettes - Cigarettes consumed per day: 3*(number of smokers in group)

Coffee drinkers in group:

  • no coffee- We lack coffee! (Same sentence, if no cigarettes and have smoker(s) in group)
  • have coffee- Cups of coffee consumed per day: 1*(number of coffee drinkers in group)


  • No board ups - We have breaches in the walls, our shelter is not safe and we have to constantly be on guard.
  • Not all holes in the walls boarded up - Some breaches in our walls have been boarded up, but we are still not safe enough.
  • All holes boarded up - All breaches in our walls have been boarded up. We should be able to repel minor attacks even if we are all caught sleeping.
  • All holes boarded up + Reinforced door - All breaches in our walls have been boarded up, we have reinforced the door and installed an improvised alarm system. Even if we are all caught sleeping, we should be able to repel most bandit attacks.

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