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The Small Apartment Building is one of the locations in This War of Mine.

There are two possible scenarios for the location, the building will be occupied by a son and his parents, or it will be occupied by thugs.

Tools needed to clear obstacles: 2 Sawblades, 1 Crowbar/Lockpick

Alsekey and His Parents

Son & Parents Scenario
TWOM - Apartment
Area Details
Danger Level: High
Inhabitants: Elderly couple,
Armed man
Useful Tools: Shovel (3 rubbles)

Crowbar or Lock Pick x2

This old apartment building is owned by an elderly couple and their son. They are still around, somehow managing to fend off looters. They probably have supplies like food and meds but won't be willing to share them with us. We can try to steal or take them by force. Lock picks might come in handy

–Location Description


  • Elderly couple: not aggressive
  • Alsekey: hostile, armed with a Shotgun and a Military Vest.
  • Trader: none

Scenario Overview

If the player is spotted by Alsekey anywhere in the house, then he will give a warning then start shooting if the player doesn't leave. If one of his parents spot you, they will warn Alsekey, who will become hostile.

Many of the supplies in the house have the "Search" icon instead of "Steal" icon. Presumably the player can still sneak around, avoid the son and grab the supplies not marked "Private Property" without any penalties.


Killing Alsekey does have negative morale consequences.


  • Debris: 3 (first floor, 1 at the left edge and 2 on the right edge)
  • Locked doors/containers: 2

Occupied by Thugs

Thug Scenario
Area Details
Danger Level: Very High
Inhabitants: 3x Thugs
Useful Tools: Saw Blade x2

Crowbar or Lock Pick x1

This old apartment building used to be owned by an elderly couple and their son, but they fled before the siege. There are rumors of some shady-looking, well armed individuals taking refuge there. We had better be careful if we decide to go there.

–Location Description


  • 3 thugs : 1 armed with a Shotgun, 1 armed with a Pistol, 1 unarmed.
  • Grated doors: 2
  • Locked cabinet: 1

Scenario Overview

There are several hiding spots located throughout the house which can allow for stealthy back-stabs. Like the other maps, the locations of hostiles can be discerned by the visual cues representing their footsteps. It is possible that killing a thug- even from stealth- can create a lot of noise, and cause other nearby thugs to investigate.

A note can be found on the ground floor in the middle room that contains the following:

Who's leaving booze behind the shitter?! Clean up the mess!"

–Anonymous Note

Afterwards, 2 Moonshine can be found in a bathroom on the third floor.

Loot list (approximate)

  • Basic Items: 2x Bandages, 6x Canned Goods, 2x Herbal Meds, 2x Raw Food, 1x Vegetables, 4x Fertilizer, 2x Tobacco, 1 Herbs, 1 Roll-up Cigarette, 2 Quality Roll-up
  • Materials: 30+ Wood, 20+ Components, 10x Parts, 3x Med Ingredients, 5x Sugar, 7x Weapon Parts, 6x Electric Parts, 1x Broken Guitar
  • Other: 4x Moonshine, 1 book

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