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The Shelled School is a possible scavenging location in This War of Mine

Two scenarios are possible depending on the play-through: the school can be inhabited by either the Homeless or Rebel Soldiers. The map description will specify which scenario is active. If the school is inhabited by the homeless, then survivors can freely roam the school and loot most containers; if it is inhabited by rebel soldiers then bypassing the trader is considered trespassing- which will be met with warnings then violence.

Homeless Squatters Scenario

Homeless Squatters Scenario
Area Details
Danger Level: Low
Inhabitants: Multiple homeless civilians
Useful Tools: Crowbar or Lock Pick x1,
Shovel (4 rubbles),
Saw Blade x2

Recommended Equipment

  • 2 x Saw Blade (or only 1 if not wanting to steal from an owned garden in the basement, that garden can contain absolutely nothing, not recommended)
  • 1 x Lock Pick/Crowbar for a locked door in the basement
  • Possibly 1 x Shovel though technically only 1 rubble pile has to be dug through on the 3rd floor.

The school has three floors and a 2-level basement. The third floor has the least amount of resistance, consisting of only one rubble pile and a blocked door. Scavenging around this area and on the roof will net about 50 wood and 50 components.

On the right side of the ground floor is a barred gate, by-passable with a Saw Blade. This room contains an assortment of weaponry-related items that can include a Damaged Helmet, a Broken Pistol, or Broken Shotgun. Removing the bars and the obstruction blocking the classroom door gives through-way access from the entrance to the basement.

The basement contains: a refrigerator containing an abundant amount of Materials and Wood, a hidden area next to the refrigerator revealed by reading a note on a bed, a medicine cabinet containing Medications/Herbal Meds, and a locked door with various loot inside. A barred gate on the bottom level leads to an owned Garden; looting this Garden is considered stealing.

The homeless occupy the basement level. They are peaceful unless you steal from a box guarded by two homeless men at the far end of the bottom level. Stealing from the box will cause them to attack. These 2 men are armed with knives and killing them in self defense has less impact on morale.

Rebel Soldiers Scenario

Rebel Soldiers Scenario
Area Details
Danger Level: Low to Very High
Inhabitants: Viktor, Rebels
Useful Tools: Crowbar or Lock Pick x3,
Shovel (2 rubbles)

Navigating the rebel holding peacefully is a bit tricky. If the player wishes to avoid conflict then do not enter into any room with a door, pick locks, walk inside, clear rubble on the roof and walk to the east side, etc. Being spotted on the east side- after digging through rubble on the roof- is considered trespassing and you will be told to leave immediately (it is however, possible to wait until the militiamen go inside if you intend to loot stealthily). Stealing from private containers can inflict sadness upon the scavenger and elicit reactions from the other survivors.

A trader named Viktor is located on the second floor. Should the player accidentally go into his room, then he will get defensive and tell the player to leave. This interrupts his trade dialogue, which may not appear for the rest of the visit. Instead, wait for him to exit the room: he will approach, say a couple lines of dialogue (takes about 10 seconds), then give the option to trade. His proper greeting is:

Stop! This school is held by Vyseni militia. We can trade... but you can't enter. What have you got?

–Viktor's Greeting

On the second floor is around 5-7 people, some of them armed. Trespassing into unauthorized areas will be met with warnings, then violence.

There appears to be leaflets spread across the level, telling civilians to avoid using aid drops and report/carry them back to rebel bases. This may be a pretense for the rebels to use the aid drops themselves. Despite this, a few rebels may be heard conversing about the morality of stealing. Killing the rebels here counts as murder and thus counts towards the bad ending.

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