Not to be confused with the Abandoned Cottage.

Shelled Cottage
In-Game Appearance
Shelled Cottage Main
Map Description
Area Details
Danger Level: None
Inhabitants: None
Useful Tools: Crowbar or 2x Lock Picks

Shovel (2 rubbles)

This neighborhood recently got shelled and many houses are still burning. People were fleeing for their lives in a hurry, so we may find some useful stuff there without meeting anyone.

–Map Description


The Shelled Cottage is a possible first location that you can explore on day one. It's safe, well stocked and available immediately. There is a locked upstairs door and a locked locker located behind a pile of rubble. Another pile of rubble blocks the path to the body of a lootable dead soldier beyond the east exit. A shovel is not technically required if you make several visits. In total there are two piles of debris two locked objects, and one piece of furniture that can be chopped for Wood and Fuel with the Hatchet. Within you will find some Weapon Parts, Raw Food, Clean Water, and various Materials.

Survivor Scenarios with this location

(Not an all-inclusive list)

  • Roman, Katia (Shelled Cottage, Semi-Detached House, and Decrepit Squat are all accessible on day 1).