Quiet House
Area Details
Danger Level: None
Inhabitants: Elderly Couple: Bernard and Jelena
Useful Tools: Crowbar or Lock Pick x3
It's in a housing estate that remains almost untouched. It's a calm area of little houses with porches and gardens. Most of those houses are still inhabited-people are trying to lead normal lives there. We've got nothing to look for there, unless we're willing to steal.

–Area Description

Bernard & his wife

Bernard and his wife


The Quiet House is a safe area at the northern part of the map.

Items which are not owned can be found outside of the house at the courtyard from both sides of the house, but they don't have much other than a few Wood, Components and maybe other less valuable loot. To gain access to the back of the house you will need to unlock the back door.

Inside the house lives an elderly couple, Bernard and his sickly wife Jelena (needs verification). While they will react to you when you open the door and will ask you to leave, they will not attack. Instead, they will run away in fear if you continue to explore the area, and hide in one of the rooms on the second floor. Bernard will try to convince you not to hurt his wife and not to steal from them as they don't have much and need the food and medications they have in order to survive. If you try to take anything or pick the lock, Bernard will yell at you "Bandits!".

If you choose to rob the couple, bring a Crowbar to open some locks, and perhaps a Hatchet as there are many objects that can be chopped up for fuel. If you choose to murder the couple (not advised) then the elderly man will have a Medication and the elderly woman will have 2x Jewelry. Medications, Bandages, Coffee and some Herbs can be found on the first floor of the house, the second-floor bathroom contains more Medications. The door on the right is locked. All items in the house are marked as Private.

Your entire group will become sad if you loot this place and/or kill any of the couples, so proceed with this in mind. Merely looting can induce sadness in the looter and has a chance of causing sadness to the other survivors. Murdering the couple will cause depression in some characters, or may make them go directly to Broken status while all other survivors will be at least sad. If you only looted the house, then on a return visit the couple will be found dead in the bed upstairs, presumably due to you stealing their supplies.


There are 2 ways to steal from the old couple:

  1. Go directly to the house and loot the whole building.
  2. ( You must bring 3 lockpicks or a crowbar with Arica). First, open the door and stay outside. Bernard will come to you and say something. Close the door, peek at the keyhole. He will go outside and say more. Close the door, walk away ( Not exit the map ). He will come inside with the door open. Go in, jump down the ladder. Then use 2 lock picks to open 2 doors. Next, loot the building ( Since the wife is blind, she will not see you loot the fridge ). When you were done, use the last lock pick to unlock the main door and exit the map ( Remember: Stealing from this building will cause the characters become sad to depressed. The couple will be dead if you steal all of their supplies from them.)


While Cveta can't perform a backstab on anybody, this old couple is an exception. She can backstab them because they have low health due to their old age.

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