Area Details
Danger Level: Low
Inhabitants: Karel
Useful Tools: Crowbar or Lock Pick x2, Saw Blade

The Port is an scavenging location added in the Anniversary Edition.


The port consists of a dock and one building. It is the home of Karel, a civilian who will offer to smuggle your survivors out of the city using his boat. Informing you that he heard about your group from "the trader", he tells you he'll call on you in a few days.

Within 3 days, a smuggler will appear at your shelter, offering to take your characters out of the city in exchange for a costly 8 Jewelry. In the event the payment cannot be met, you can ask the smuggler to return at a later time.

The building has one grated door and one locked door. Taking from the piles in the locked room counts as stealing and is presumably Karel's room. There are three pieces of furniture that can be chopped with the hatchet for wood and fuel.

If you return to the port after Karel visits you and you decide not to take him up on the smuggling offer, he will no longer be at the port. The private property piles in the locked room will also vanish.