Police Officer
Vital statistics
Background: Police Officer
Trait: Familiar with Guns
Addictions: None
Inventory Size: 12
Just before war reached Pogoren, our unit had received news of planned evacuation of must of the uniformed services from the city. I stayed, because I failed to convince my beloved to leave, and i couldn't leave him/her here alone. We didn't know how dire the situation would become. One day, when i was coming home from a walk with my dog, I heard the first alarm sirens. I ran as fast as I could, but it was already too late. My flat was in flames. I couldn't find my beloved, or his/her body.

–Police Officer's description

The Police Officer is one of the choices of occupation when defining your own civilian. This feature was added in the 1.3 update for This War of Mine. The Police Officer is said to be familiar with guns.


The Police Officer trait, familiar with guns, allows the character to aim more quickly, causing the targeting reticule to turn orange faster. The character has 12 inventory slots and seems to run slightly faster than other characters, although not as fast as Pavle. Like Roman, the Police Officer is a better guard than others and uses less ammunition when set as a guard during the night. The Police Officer's high combat ability does not appear to apply to melee weapons as strongly as it does to guns. However, they and Roman are the only character that can stealth kill with their bare hands. They can also use any melee weapon to perform a one-hit back-stab kill against unaware opponents.


The Police Officer possesses a moderate sensitivity to crimes committed. The character has the same mood change rate as Anton, Arica and Marin. Killing soldiers will cause the Police Officer to become sad. This is similar to Roman becoming sad after killing the soldiers at the military outpost.


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "Sadly [Name] did not live to see the end of the fighting. Collateral damage, as the military would put it."
Suicide "[Name] could not take it anymore and chose to take his/her life, rather than continue like this."
Abandoned "One night [Name] left the shelter and did not come back. His/Her motivation remains unknown."
Karma "[Name] survived, and after a long search managed to find her beloved, who was scarred by [t]he fire and became gloomy and withdrawn. She stayed with him although things were never the same again."
Sad "The things [Name] witnessed and did during the war, made him lose conviction. He did not return to work as a police officer nor did he think himself worthy of his beloved. They never saw each other again."
Good "[Name] survived the war, and found her beloved in one of the temporary refugee camps. They managed to put their war experiences behind them, and remain a couple until this day."


  • Like Insurance Agent, the Police Officer's description changes based on his/her gender. Male Police Officers have a story with a girlfriend involved in it, and females have a story with a boyfriend in it.