Vital statistics
Background: Photographer
Trait: Keen Eye for Detail
Addictions: None
Inventory Size: 12
I came to Pogoren in business. I met a young, lovely model. I agreed for a photo session with her. As I thought she was exceptional and expected she would make a great career. We met a couple of times, before and after the photo shoot. Unfortunately war put to an end to all of that. I don't know what happened to that girl, but i got stuck here with no way to get home. I'm afraid I might not make it out of here alive.

– Photographer's description

The Photographer can be selected when setting up a custom game. The player is allowed to choose the gender of the character, name, in-game appearance, and character picture- either from a small library of included pictures or from a user-supplied picture placed in the Documents/This War of Mine/Portraits folder.

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The Photographer's trait, Keen Eye for Detail, allows him/her to notice otherwise hidden loot piles (eg. doesn't have to feed the homeless man at the Decrepit Squat).

In-game example


A photographer character with a custom name and photograph