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Each Scenario will begin during a set phase of the game. Phases are identified by the image that accompanies the start of a new day, and can affect the prices of items during trading, and the encounters faced by scavengers at night.

The Events listed for each phase are more likely to occur during this phase. This does not rule them out from occurring during other phases, nor does it guarantee that they will occur for your specific game as special events are generated at the start of each new day.

Curb on Crime

Phase - Curb on Crime

Most early Scenarios start during this phase.

Raids: Less frequent and less violent

Trade: Standard


  • ...

Outbreak of Crime

Phase - Outbreak of Crime

This phase results in everything becoming more dangerous.

Raids: More frequent and more violent. More Guards are needed, more Board Ups, and more Ammunition will be used to defend the Shelter



It is Getting Very Cold

See Main article: Winter
Phase - It is Getting Very Cold

Winter has set in during this Phase. Some Scenarios begin the game during this phase.


Trade: Wood and Fuel have increased value. Snow has no value.


Cold Days Have Passed

Phase - Cold Days Have Passed

This Phase is identical to the Curb on Crime phase (above). The game enters this phase once Winter comes to an end.

Raids: Less frequent and less violent

Trade: Standard


  • ...

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