Vital statistics
Background: Pharmacist
Trait: Knows much about Meds
Addictions: None
Inventory Size: 12
Before all this mess, it had been a really good year for me. I was appreciated at work and finally got promoted. Even though everyone around was worried about the threat of war, I found the notion that it might reach us here very improbable. One day, shortly after I came home to tell me parents about my promotion, we heard alarm sirens. We managed to hide in our basement just before the first explosions shook the ground and everything got covered by dust.

–Pharmacist bio

The pharmacist can be selected when setting up a custom game. The player is allowed to choose the gender of the character, name, in-game appearance, and character picture- either from a small library of included pictures or from a user-supplied picture placed in the Documents/This War of Mine/Portraits folder.


The Pharmacist trait, 'Knows much about Meds' allows him/her to craft Medications and Herbal Meds using fewer components.

Recipe Discounts

Medications - Improved Herbal Workshop
Crafter Herbs MedIngredientsIcon Hourglass
Bruno, Pharmacist 2 1 1 h
Other 4 2
Herbal Meds - Herbal Workshop
Crafter PureAlcoholIcon Herbs Hourglass
Pharmacist 1 3 1 h
Other 1 4
Bandages - Herbal Workshop
Crafter PureAlcoholIcon Component Herbs Hourglass
Pharmacist 1 4 3 1 h
Other 1 5 4

In-game example


A pharmacist character with custom name, and a stock photograph