Vital statistics
Background: Nurse
Trait: Medical Training
Addictions: Unknown
Inventory Size: Unknown
The hospital where I worked was not evacuated. No one knew what was about to happen, until it was too late. The news of the siege were so sudden, and the patients so numerous that nothing could have been done in time. We had a huge influx of wounded. After the horrors of the first day I decided to leave the hospital to stay with my mother, but that part of town had already been cut off. I hope my mother is alright.

– Nurse's description

The Nurse is a custom character that was added in 1.3. Unfortunately, the occupation cannot be selected when creating or editing a custom character, for unknown reasons.


The character's combat abilities are unknown at this time.


The Nurse is specialized in medical training, which allows the character to treat wounds and illnesses more efficiently. This trait also gives a bonus in that the character is more resistant to diseases.


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "[Name] died during the siege of Pogoren. The fate of his/her mother remains unknown."
Suicide "Rather than continue suffering, [Name] decided to take his/her own life. Her mother was heartbroken."
Abandoned "[Name] left the shelter at night, in search of his/her mother. Did he/she manage to get through the front line to the cut-off area? Hopefully, yes."
Karma "When the fighting stopped, [Name] went home, only to find it in ruins. His/Her mother was nowhere around. The neighbors said there was still hope, that she could’ve moved to one of the refugee camps. But [Name] knew better."
Sad "When the fighting stopped, [Name] went home, with dark thoughts going through his/her head. The area was heavily ravaged by artillery fire, and his/her house was destroyed. His/Her mother was alive though, saved by neighbors."
Good "When the fighting stopped, [Name] went home, heart pounding with fear of what he/she might await him/her there. Miraculously, the house was still standing and his/her mother was alright."


  • As of update 3.0.3., the Nurse occupation has not been fully implemented into the game.
  • The Nurse is the only custom character that cannot be played with at this time.