"Can you help us please? Our mother is sick."


Nenad and his sister ask for either 1 or 2 Medications to help their sick mother. The player can choose "Maybe Later" to postpone the request. They will return after a few days. Refusing to help them will induce a morale drop to the group, and stacks one point towards the sad ending. However, if medicine is unavailable in the players inventory, then the morale drop and karma stack will not occur (Pending for test).

If the player declined their first request, whether medicine is available or not, the siblings will return and ask for help in carrying their mother to hospital. 

If the player helped the siblings in any one of the two previous request, they will return and ask for 2 Canned Food. Again, rejecting when the resource were unavailable does not apply morale drop and karma stack (Pending for test).

Mission Rewards

If the player helped the siblings in both requests, their mother Maya will return and gives out 8 Coffee for gratitude in the final visit.

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