Metal Workshop
  • Tier 1: Simple Metal Workshop
  • Tier 2: Improved Metal Workshop
  • Tier 3: Advanced Metal Workshop
Craftable Items
Tier 1: Crowbar, Lock Pick, Shovel, Knife
Tier 2: Saw Blade, Hatchet, Pistol, Shotgun, Helmet
Tier 3: Assault Rifle, Military Vest, Ammunition
Allows us to make tools, such as shovels for clearing rubble, crowbars for breaking doors and knives for self-defense. Later we could use it to build more advanced tools or even repair firearms.

–Metal Workshop Description


The Metal Workshop is a specialized crafting station to build tools and melee weapons, repair broken guns and damaged armors, and craft ammunition. It is initially built using the Simple Workshop. By investing resources, it can be upgraded twice to the Improved Metal Workshop, then the Advanced Metal Workshop.

Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop can be used to create the Crowbar, Lock Pick, Shovel, and Knife.

Metal Workshop Crafting Cost
Crafter Component Wood
Marin 8 4
Other 10 5

Improved Metal Workshop

Apart from making more tools such as an axe or saw blade, we can also fix simple broken firearms and helmets here. We can upgrade it even further to make ammo and fix bulletproof vests.

–Improved Metal Workshop Description

The Improved Metal Workshop can be used to additionally create the Saw Blade, Hatchet, Pistol, Shotgun and Helmet.

Improved Metal Workshop Upgrade Cost
Crafter Component Wood Parts
Marin 24 12 4
Other 30 15 5

Advanced Metal Workshop

Apart from making tools we can fix all broken firearms here, as well as vests and helmets, and refill empty shell casings to reuse them.

–Advanced Metal Workshop Description

The Advanced Metal Workshop can be used to additionally create the Assault Rifle, Military Vest, and Ammunition.

Advanced Metal Workshop Upgrade Cost
Crafter Component Wood Parts ElectricalComponent Mixer
Computer Specialist 24 12 6 3 1
Marin 32 16 8 4
Other 40 20 10 4

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