Med Ingredients
Category: Basic Items
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Medications
Old pills and animal meds. With a little bit of knowledge they can be used to make normal meds.

–Item Description


Med Ingredients are a Basic Item in This War of Mine. They are a required component for crafting Medications. This rare item is usually found by scavenging and is typically found inside medicine cabinets. Sandu, a trader at the City Hospital, will occasionally offer Med Ingredients for barter.

  • The Pharmacist is more efficient when crafting Medications, using only half the amount of each ingredient.

Crafting Cost for Medications

Using the Improved Herbal Workshop:

Medications - Improved Herbal Workshop
Crafter Herbs MedIngredientsIcon Hourglass
Bruno, Pharmacist 2 1 1 h
Other 4 2

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