He didn't deserve to become crow food. Nobody does. Take care of yourself.

–Unknown man attending his friend's grave

Looted Gas Station
Area Details
Danger Level: Very Low
Inhabitants: One man on the second visit.
Useful Tools: Saw Blade x1,
Crowbar or Lock Pick x1,
Shovel (1 rubble)

The Looted Gas Station is a scavenging location added in Update 1.3


The Looted Gas Station is an early location that can be available on the first night. It is completely safe to scavenge and loot is plentiful. A hidden stash is located behind a grated door, which contains books and several pieces of jewelry. It will be revealed after the clue is read upstairs. Bring a crowbar or lockpick to get in to the cabinet.

If the player revisits the area a man can be found attending to a friend's grave in the back. He's not hostile unless you attack him. He refuses to kill you as he walks away and tries to avoid the conflict. Fighting him again is dangerous if you're unarmed, since he's a strong bare-knuckle civilian. Killing him inflicts sadness, depression, or broken status to your survivors. He is not armed, and doesn't drop anything.

There is almost no wood to chop here; just one small cabinet that might yield three fuel.


The Looted Gas Station was added with the 1.3 Update.