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List of Locations


An example map with all locations discovered for the playthrough


Locations in the game are situated in the fictitious war-torn country of Graznavia, Pogoren. The exact location of some areas can differ slightly from one playthrough to the next, so there is no official map. For example, the Construction Site can sometimes be in the NW corner of the map and in other playthroughs will be located in the NE. Furthermore, some locations may never be discovered in favor of other locations, such as is the case with Central Square and Sniper Junction. When one of these locations is discovered then the other will not.

The city map is displayed every night after 8pm, during which a character can be selected for scavenging at a location. In the beginning of the game, only a couple areas are unlocked. As the days pass, additional areas are unlocked. During the course of a game, inclement weather or fighting in the streets can block off potential scavenging locations, which will appear grayed-out on the map; they will become re-accessible once these events end. These can be predicted by news on the Radio.


A location description example

Each location has a description indicating the type and quantity of items, and the danger level, which can help the player know where to scavenge. Possible descriptions include:

  • Foods
  • Materials
  • Meds
  • Weapons
  • Parts
  • Ingredients (For Central Square)
  • Possible Trade
  • Danger/ Caution advised

The phrase indicates the quantity of goods available (Some, Lots of, Huge amount of).

Some locations are good to scavenge first due to being abandoned- such as the Abandoned Cottage, Ruined Block of Flats, or Shelled Cottage.

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