Category: Weapons
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Metal Workshop.
Used to create: Shelter Defense,
It used to be a kitchen utensil, but now it's a dangerous melee weapon.

–Item Description


Knife is one of the many available Weapons found in the game. Knives can be found whilst scavenging, as loot from a dead body, or may be crafted at an Metal Workshop.

Crafting Cost

Knife Crafting Cost
Crafter Wood Component WeaponPartsIcon
Marin 2 4 3
Other 2 5 3


  • Killing someone holding a knife will drop the knife as loot on his dead body.
  • Other enemies will typically investigate the area even if a stealthy back-stab is successful. However, characters can still attempt to hide in designated hiding spots to avoid detection.
  • Arica, Boris, and Roman can approach an enemy from behind and use the Knife to perform a one-hit back-stab kill. Other characters will only take away a large amount of health.
  • All other survivors (except Cveta) can use the Knife to perform a one-hit back-stab kill while hiding. Cveta will only take away a large amount of health.
  • The Knife inflicts more damage than a Shovel or Crowbar, but it is less powerful than a Hatchet.
  • Knives have infinite uses, since they don't break.
  • The Military Vest blocks most of the knife's damage, but does not offer mitigation against one-hit back-stab kills.

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