[Still needs to be stated how this Story is unlocked. Eg. Survive to 22 Days, complete [name of Story], etc.]


"When the civil war broke out, many people thought it would only last a couple of weeks. It's been years since government military surrounded the rebels in the capital, cutting off all supply lines. The civilian population trapped in the city are suffering from hunger, disease, and shelling.

Katia met both Pavle and Bruno before the war. She used to be a reporter, while Bruno had his own television cooking show. Pavle was the star of the local football team. Katia even interviewed him once. Now they meet in dramatically different circumstances, looking for food and shelter."

Hints and Tips

  • Since Bruno has the 'Good Cook'-trait it is advisable to focus on making Moonshine for barter.
  • You'd want to let Katia do the bartering due to her Bargaining Skills, when the Military Outpost becomes available you'll be able to get guns cheap and sell them to Franko for quite a profit.
  • Take into account the the early rise of crime, or military fighting. You might want to stock things to improve the safety of the shelter or guarantee your trading, and save some food for this second and third week.

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