Karel's Note
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Escaping Pogoren
It's a note from Karel confirming that you paid for the passage. It contains directions that will lead you to a safe house once you disembark

–Karel's Note Description

Karel's Note is an item used to escape the city.


After meeting Karel at the Port, he will call on the survivors at the shelter. Karel will give you the note in exchange for eight pieces of jewelry, which will used to bribe the military's searchlight operator into faking a searchlight malfunction, allowing Karel to slip out of the city in his boat with the survivors in tow. Karel will return in few days after making the necessary arragements and the game ends, unlocking the Epilogue: Exodus achievement.

The Note cannot be traded. It is classified as a Materials item.

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