Karel is a human smuggler, added in the Anniversary Edition, whose services the player can use to escape Pogoren. Escaping via this method unlocks the achievement "Epilogue: Exodus," the sole achievement added in the Anniversary Edition.

Escaping Pogoren

The player can visit Karel at the Port, where he will provide information about his smuggling operation. Karel will walk the player over to a small boat, and then tell the player about bribing the military to look the other way while he ferries people outside the city. Karel is armed with a pistol, but will not attack unless provoked.

After talking about his operation, Karel will offer his services, saying that he will stop by in a few days to see if the player wishes to escape. When the time comes, he will knock on the door like other visitor. If the player engages him in conversation, he will offer to smuggle the survivors out of the city in return for eight pieces of jewelry. If the player clicks "Yes," they will receive Karel's Note.

A few days later, Karel will return to the shelter, and tell the survivors that their escape has been arranged. At dark, the players will meet him at the port, at which point his accomplices will turn off a searchlight, allowing for a stealthy escape. Once the player clicks "Yes", the war will immediately end.

Should the player return to the Port after Karel visits them and the player chooses not to take him up on the offer, he will be no longer appear at the Port.


"I talked to my friends on the other side and arranged everything. We can get you out safely in a few days. But the ride ain't free, you know, they need to pay for some... distraction to get the sergeant off their backs. So, you got the goods?"

"Everything's set up. We'll go to the port, and when it's dark, my friends on the other side will arrange a searchlight "malfunction", and we'll slip out quietly. So, are you ready to go?"