Category: Other
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Trading
A piece of jewelry, valuable bartering item.

–Item Description


Jewelry is an Other item in This War of Mine. It is typically discovered while scavenging and will always be found inside containers. It had no use other than bartering with Traders. But after the Anniversary DLC was published, 8 jewelries are required for new ending. Traders consider Jewelry an "interesting item", which is better than "rather common" items but less than High value items that are "exactly what I need".

With Katia, 1 Jewelry can be traded to Franko for 14 Components (7 in winter).

Locations where item is found

  • Our Shelter (Confirmed)
  • Decrepit Squat (reward for giving Grisha food)
  • Sniper Junction (5 after helping the wounded man)
  • Hotel (In a locked room)
  • Shelled School (inside a room near the entrance accessed with Saw Blade or at the far end of the bottom level inside a private box guarded by two homeless men. Warning - stealing from the box will cause two homeless men to attack)
  • Looted Gas Station (basement accessed by note-reading and Saw Blade)
  • Central Square sewers, after unblocking 2 rubble piles and unblocking a barricaded door, 3 Jewelry will be found inside 2 containers in a secret storeroom area. A 4th Jewelry is in the bed in the second room on ground floor.
  • Ruined Villa (inside a room on 2nd floor with Saw Blade)
  • Quiet House (2 from the body of the elderly woman, if the player murders her.)
  • Construction Site (sniper scenario) (1 in a locked cabinet on the right side on the 4th floor)


In the code, Jewelry is referenced as "TradingItem".