Insurance Agent
Vital statistics
Background: Insurance Agent
Trait: Persuasive
Addictions: None
Inventory Size: 12
This fucking siege couldn't have come at a worse moment. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, John/Katy. We first met during a student exchange in the United Kingdom. He/she came to Pogoren for holiday and then we moved here to stay. We'd just finished paying off our flat and we were about to get married. When we got the news of the siege, he/she managed to board one of the last planes that left before the airport got closed. I didn't. It's been about three years since I last saw him/her and no letter came. I'm worried...

– Insurance Agent's description

The Insurance Agent can be selected when setting up a custom game. The player is allowed to choose the gender of the character, name, in-game appearance, and character picture- either from a small library of included pictures or from a user-supplied picture placed in the Documents/This War of Mine/Portraits folder.


The persuasive trait gives a slight trading boost and lacks addiction debuffs. He/she has the worst combat ability, tied with Cveta.

In-game example


  • Like Police Officer, Insurance Agent's description changes based on his/her gender. Male Insurance Agent's have a story with Katy involved in it, and female's have a story with John in it. This is a minor issue for people who like the same sex, but it does not involve the gameplay at all. Please note, it is a fictional character that has their own back story and shouldn't directly reflect the sexual preference of the player.

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