Category: Household Items
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Improved Workshop
Used to create: Shelter Comfort
Having something to occupy time is important. A guitar can brighten up our mood, especially if the person playing it knows what they are doing.

–Item Description


Using Guitar

The Guitar is a Household Item in This War of Mine.

If a Broken Guitar is acquired, then it can be repaired at an Improved Workshop. It is useful for treating symptoms of depression and keeping morale high in the player's group. To receive the moral modifer there must be a character who is considered a talented musician.


Zlata is the best character for playing the guitar as she studied at the Music Academy before the war broke out.

Some characters, such as Roman, and Katia, can play the guitar reasonably well. Arica and Pavle can play the guitar, but not as well as Roman, Katia, or Zlata. The other seven characters cannot play the guitar well at all. No children can play guitar.

Broken Guitar

Broken Guitar
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A, used as repair component
Used to create: Guitar
It's broken, but not beyond repair. It would be cool to pass the time with nice music.

–Item Description

The Broken Guitar is a Material category item in This War of Mine. It is typically found inside locked containers or areas that require tools to access. It can be repaired at an Improved Workshop to make a fully functional Guitar.

Repair Cost

Guitar Repair Cost
Builder Component Wood Parts BrokenGuitarIcon
Marin 4 8 2 1
Other 5 10 2 1

Locations of the Broken Guitar


  • Playing the Guitar will replace the background music and radio music for as long as the guitar is played. After you stop everyone from playing, background music will always be played.
  • Different ability groups of characters play different tunes in the guitar [e.g. Katia, Zlata and Roman play Thaw (a down tone melody) and Time Is Running out (a fast one)]
  • One of the songs played using the guitar is composed by a developer.
  • You can only make 1 guitar even if you have additional broken guitar. If you acquire addional guitars by modding the game, texts in Some Thoughts concerning guitar will be gone, and sound will be mixed when more people play them.