Hi, I’m Grozdan and this is my younger sister Kalina. We have no place to stay, but our uncle has a house on the outskirts. I can try to reach him, if you look after Kalina for a couple of days. She’s a good girl, she won’t cause any trouble. You look kind-hearted,will you please help us?


Grozdan is Kalina's older brother. He asks you to let Kalina stay if she isn't selected to start the game. Kalina was scared at first, but Evgeni console her at once and say "Don't worry! everything will be alright." When he departs, he says" These people will take good care of you, you'll see!" which all relatives of playable children's believe so. It seems that each child's relative has the same strong faith in you.Though he asks you to take care of Kalina only a couple of days, he will never show up after the ceasefire. It means that Kalina will not leave with him before the ceasefire ending.

Presumably, Grozdan and Kalina's parents are possibly from Africa or African-locals. Their stories are closely relevant to settling down in Africa. Nevertheless, they won't arrive at Africa in several endings. So, it could be just a place where they expect to live.