Grazni Wars is a conflict between the Graznavian government (represented by the army)  and the opposing Vyseni seperatist (rebels), which also serves as the main setting of This War of Mine.


Not much details are revealed about the reason of the war, but it was known that the war is ethnic based and has nationalistic nature. As what can be read on survivors stories and a pamphlet in Construction Site, Vyseni, the oppressed minority ethnic, form a self-proclaimed state called "Republic of Vysena" some times before the siege and declare Pogoren as their capital, trying to claim independence from Graznavia.

Escalations to war

According to the survivors and various notes, civil disorders spread across Graznavia and then came to Pogoren. Prior to the siege, protesters stormed the capital and attempted to burn down the City Hall. While there were protests and news of fighting and riots in other parts of the country, the residents of Pogoren did not think the situation would escalate and continued to do bussiness as usual. During this relatively peaceful period of protests, the Grazni army makes an offensive by bombing the town of Gravia, then followed with the attack by indiscriminately murdering rebels and civilians. Arica, a Gravian citizen, flees Gravia amongst a terrified crowd, her father carrying her to Pogoren, on foot, in a single night. With her father died soon after they arrived.

Siege of Pogoren

The heavy battles that used to occur along the outskirts finally reach Pogoren. The Grazni army and rebel forces clash at the city. During the initial fighting, Roman, a militia member witnessed his fellow militia members committed atrocities by murdering any civilian that "looked at them funny" as a "precaution". This is because fighting occurred in the streets and identifying the enemy was sometimes difficult.

After series of battles, the army besieged the city of Pogoren, cutting every aid from outside, and trapping both rebel forces, who already occupied some parts of the city, and neutral civilians inside. Before the siege however, peacekeeping forces were already there to escort some citizens out of the city. Among these citizens there are Pavle's wife and son, leaving Pavle and other unlucky citizens trapped inside the city.

Now trapped, Roman witnessed more atrocities committed by his fellow rebels who was interrogating a group of people trying to identify government sympathizers among them. Roman knew that many of them were not. but they were executed anyway. Overwhelmed by guilt, he later decided to leave his group and join the neutral civilians.

During this time, Emilia had her entire family murdered at the hands of Militia members. Since her home was in an upper-class district and the militia members took everything of value - it is implied they murdered her family for their belongings.As the siege progressed food and supplies become scarce resulting in a period of looting and crime. The player's shelter will be attacked by looters, who become more and more desperate over time. At some point, a period of high crime occurs during which bands of looters are roaming the streets searching for supplies. Criminal elements pop-up at various locations, the status of the previous occupants unknown. People do whatever they must to survive.


After brief period of time, the long awaited ceasefire finally become reality with the intervention of international community. The international peacekeeping forces enter the country unopposed accompanied with forces of Gramordian Federation, which task is to protect Vyseni people from government persecution, thus ending the war.


  • The war was based heavily on Yugoslav Wars, which was a series of conflicts between the Yugoslav government against ethnic separatist republics.
  • Gramordian Federation is most likely to be reference to Russian Federation.