Trader Info
Trader Location: Our Shelter
Ware Preference: Weapons
Unique Wares: Components, Wood, Ammunition
For crying out loud, it's dangerous outside!

–Franko complaining about waiting
outside the shelter for too long


Franko is a traveling Trader that visits the survivor's shelter approximately every 3 days.

Traded Items

Franko is perhaps the trader with the widest variety of traded goods.

Franko's trade values are as follows relative to normal Component or Water value (i.e., for 1 of these). Values can vary with game events (winter, shortages, traders involved); for example, Katia reduces these prices about 20%.

It's not shown per se, but all trades in the game require your offering to be slightly more than the others'. By playing with the what's on one side or the other, you can often get it to a 0.5 difference to reduce this "fee". It also means that it's much better to make a few big trades than lots of small ones.

For a new evaluation of Item info, see here. Please work this info into the wiki if it appears to be valid for all players.



Franko's in-game appearance

Franko is unique as he brings materials right to your doorstep to barter, saving you nights of scavenging in gathering the same materials. This is especially useful earlier in the game. You can barter as much wood and components from Franko as he is carrying, whereas with scavenging using someone with 12 inventory slots (even if they are not carrying any equipment or valuable items), the most they could carry back would be around 24 wood or 48 components. By trading valuable items you've collected while scavenging through your shelter and the first building, you can build advanced equipment much faster than you could if you were relying on scavenging alone. He also becomes more important in playthroughs where the player cannot access the other traders at the Garage, Central Square and St. Mary's Church, which is the case early in the game, and may also be the case later in the game if snow or fighting block off trading locations. Without Katia, he marks up his goods approximately ~20%, varying with each item and in game events. But with her, you can get a 99% value for all of your trades with him.

Some particular goods are better traded elsewhere. For example: with Katia, Franko will buy Medications for only 26 Components; whereas Matey at the Garage will buy the same Medications for more than 32 Components (at that point there is no more space in the trade offer area and Matey still considers the trade "Very generous of you").

Though Franko does not specifically ask for any particular trade good, he does give an exceptional exchange rate for weapons. This includes the trader Viktor- who specifically asks for weapons. Franko's exchange rate is nearly similar to Viktor's, but better by a very small, almost negligible, margin. Using Katia, for example:

  • Franko will buy a shotgun for 26 Components; whereas Matey will offer only 17 Components
  • Franko will buy an assault rifle for 7 Tobacco and 1 Wood; whereas Victor will offer 7 Tobacco and 1 Pure Water (Almost the same, but Wood is slightly more valuable than Pure Water).

Late in the game, when you have exhausted the easy sources of components from scavenging, he may become your primary or even sole source of components. Always giving you reason to purchase his supply.


  • During the few days of snowy weather, Franko's exchange rate becomes unfavorable for all goods, especially Wood and Fuel. For this reason (and also using common sense), the player should stock up on Fuel well before winter and avoid trading with Franko during these days.
  • Peculiarly, while Katia can get nearly equal exchange values with most items, when dealing with Franko, Books will remain heavily marked up when purchasing them. (Tested day 2, Katia.)
  • Trading large quantity of cigarettes (no Katia) to Franko can net you a slight profit (a couple components) when they are scarce.
  • Since Franko is the only trader that appears at Our Shelter, it also makes him the only trader that is not able to be attacked.
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