Vital statistics
Background: Forester
Trait: Skilled Woodchopper
Addictions: None
Inventory Size: 12
When the war broke out, I'd been unemployed for over a year. With dread i watched the news of the upcoming conflict. I was hoping against hope it would not come. Livings of unemployment benefits had already been hard, and with the soaring prices I wouldn't have made it, if not for the people running the shelter for the homeless. They were very kind and welcoming, and I could always count on a bowl of hot soup. But that's the past. A shell hit their shelter.

– Forester's description

The Forester can be selected when setting up a custom game. The player is allowed to choose the gender of the character, name, in-game appearance, and character picture- either from a small library of included pictures or from a user-supplied picture placed in the Documents/This War of Mine/Portraits folder.

endings endings deception


The Forester's trait, Skilled woodchopper allows him/her to gain more wood and fuel from chopping down furniture. Good at guarding the shelter.

In-game example


A skilled woodchopper character with custom name and photograph

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