This page was to help new or inexperienced players to help set themselves up to make surviving in the early days easier.

First Day

During the first day, try to scavenge all the containers in the house, leaving food inside the containers (Optional. This is a cheat that will keep your food safe from raids.) Make a shovel and a crowbar, and dig all the debris and open all the locked containers. If supplies permit, build 2 beds and a radio. If there are 4 survivors, build 3 beds, and if there are only 2 survivors, build one. This should bring you to or near the end of your day. As tempting as it may be, don't build a stove until your third day. A meal will last a character 2 days.

Of the wide range of household items to craft, make necessities now and make other things later. Remember to only use supplies for what you need first, in the earlier part of the game. What you make changes depending on the story you chose. When choosing a combat based story, it is better to build defense upgrades first, then other household items later. When doing a more relaxed story, it is better just to have someone on guard and build other household items.

First Night

Since you don't have a good weapon, don't scavenge at a place where combat or stealing is necessary. It is wise to avoid these until later in the game. Therefore, scavenge at places like the shelled cottage, or the ruined block of flats (Information of locations is here).


During scavenging, you may encounter combat if you go to places that have the "Danger" or "Caution Advised" tags on them. If you can't see a person, if they are near you, they will be marked with a red circle. However, mice, slamming windows, and other noisy vermin will be marked with a red circle as well. It takes some experience to define the differences, but you will soon be able to, so stick with it. 

Knives are my favorite melee weapon, even though the hatchet is the best melee weapon. The weapon you choose is up to you. You may just want to use your fists for all I care. Find the weapon that fits you. 


Scavenging is a given when someone goes out. It would be stupid to go out just for the heck of it. Scavenge only items you need (food, water, wood, etc) then other items (cigarettes, moonshine, etc.) to conserve space. You may want to bring a weapon in case you run into hostiles.

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