Great! Look, I have to ask you for a favor, but you won't regret it, I promise. I had to flee from my home with my daughter and sister, but I know some people who owe me - I just need to meet them and arrange for a place for us and squeeze them for some supplies. And I'll share them with you when I'm back for my ladies.


Evgeni is Lydia's father and Irina's brother. He asks you to let Lydia and Irina stay if both ladies are not to be selected to start the game. Lydia was scared at first, but Evgeni console her at once and say "Don't worry! everything will be alright." When he departs, he says" These people will take good care of you, you'll see!" which all relatives of playable children's believe so. It seems that each child's relative has the same strong faith in you.Though he claimed to share what he'll find with you, he will never show up after the ceasefire. It means that Lydia and Irina will not leave with him before the ceasefire ending.

Lydia cried for Evgeni's absence outdoors from time to time. Even if her aunt was there with her, she seems to feel insecure without her father which is mentioned in Irina's story. In Lydia's abandoned ending and Irina's suicide, abandoned endings, his post-war situation remains unknown.

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