Day log is the daily report which appears every morning at 6 AM. Scavenger, Our Shelter, Raids, survivor who went for Special Events, Characters status in last night are informed by Day log.

2640200-twom screen pax 01

This photo appears if Our Shelter had been raided last night


The following text will appear if all survivors stayed in Our Shelter and the shelter was not raided "The night was calm, apart from distant echoing shots, let's hope it doesn't get worse."



The game doesn't have a manual save/load system, but auto-saves at the morning. The game uses the Random number generator for every events being informed by Day log however, making it a big exploitation for the player.

For example the player can leave and continue the game if one character is informed that he was sick in the morning, through the Day log. There are chance that he won't be sick because of the Random number generator system.

List of possible advantages from exploitation


Restart the day to have a chance that no character get sick.

Wounded from helping neighbors

There is a chance that a character who left to help neighbors becomes Slightly wounded. However restarting the day can't change it.


Unlike other events, raid event only changes its happening if the survivors defended successfully. Otherwise, it only changes the damage it made to survivors.  If the raid was successful and survivor was wounded, the attackers would took less supplies, otherwise they would took many valuable items but no one was wounded. This can be switched for player's purpose by leaving the game to restart the day and get desired result.

For example. If the character who was wounded already was get "Slightly wounded", better restart day to take the text "None of us was wounded...", but also "...but the attackers walked off with many valuable things." as compensatory damage. So the character won't be wounded or worse. Or else if character was normal, better let they get hurt to "Slightly wounded" but save lot of valuable items.

Recruitment character

Restart the day until the desired joined character comes at shelter


Restarting the day changes the quantity and type of items which he brought to trade.

Unsleep character

Sad or worse characters have a chance to not sleep, sob, smoke compulsively, get drunk, argue, fight with other at night. Depend on character's personality, each of them have different behavior. Roman, Katia, Arica are known to beat other at night if they were sad, making them wounded and sleepless that night.Pavle, Arica, Cveta, Boris, are known to not sleep and sob all night. Marin, Bruno, Roman are known to smoke compulsively or get drunk at night, automatically using a Booze or cigarettes.

Restarting the day has a chance that those troubles didn't happen.