Day One refers to the first day of the game. In this day, the player can find out the given starting variation, and is introduced to Our Shelter and the currently playable characters.

The variation helps influence the player's playstyle in the game, from a passive trader to an aggressive raider.


In Day One, the player is given a particular start scenario which will consist of 1 to 4 characters inside a ruined shelter. The weather will be either warm, or snowing. There will be a varying amount of furniture, debris, locked doors and loot inside the shelter to be found and used.

In all variations there will be at least one chair and two locked doors.

Passive Variation

The Passive Variation gives the player the minimum of human resources, but the maximum of comfort. It promotes passive play (minimum theft and assault, and maximum trading).

  • Two Characters, with most of them having passive abilities and low carrying capacity (e.g Anton, Cveta)
  • One pre-built Armchair, in addition to the Chair.
  • Two pre-built Beds.
  • Passive early locations, with Garage or St. Mary's Church open very early.

Given the amount of chairs and beds given, the player should have no problems sorting out the needs of their characters, as it is easy enough to keep two Characters well fed. Since Anton is a common character to be found in this variation, trading will be easier.

Medium Variation

The Medium Variation gives the player the standard human resources and comfort. It promotes any kind of play, depending on the given Characters.

  • Three characters, with either Katia or Bruno being very likely to be included. These characters will have a decent or very useful ability, and 10 - 12 inventory slots.
  • One pre-built Chair.
  • Mixed early locations (either Central Square or Sniper Junction path)

This allows for any kind of play-throughs, which is still heavily reliant on the type of characters given. For example, if the player has Roman, they could pursue an aggressive playstyle.

Aggressive Variation

The Aggressive Variation gives the player strong human resources and early resources, promoting an aggressive playstyle.

  • Three characters, with Roman and/or Arica are very common. These characters have good combat/sneak ability but only have 10 inventory slots.
  • One pre-built Chair.
  • Aggressive early locations (Warehouse, Hotel, Sniper Junction).