Conduct Pass
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Selling
A safe conduct pass issued by the local army headquarters to Robert Zhigajev. It's useless to us, but could be quite valuable for someone with access to a skilled forger.

–Conduct Pass Description


The Conduct Pass was a Material category item, acquired as hidden loot in Old Town. It's located under a kitchen sink after reading a note.

The pass has no known function other than being a valuable trade item; Katia can trade it to Franko for 14 components.[1]

It was removed in the anniversary edition, and replaced by a few pieces of bandages and cigarettes in the hidden stash. The unlocking message has also been changed.

It has been revealed by the developers that this item was meant to leave a potential plot of escaping the city in future developments, but this plot was actualised in the form of Karel's receipt in the anniversary edition. As a result, the conduct pass was no longer needed and was removed in the same patch.