What is this?

Combat proficiency is a measurement of how good a character is at fighting, and is the only known input to the Combat system in This War of Mine. While the game does not revolve around combat, it is undoubtedly necessary at times.


Under current theory, there are two inputs that determine a character's combat proficiency:

  • Attack Speed
  • Damage
  • Health (Note: it is unclear if health is a variable in combat. In other words, it is unknown if different playable characters and NPC's have varying health.)

Character Specifics

(Note: given current knowledge, all ratings listed below are categorized as 1: Low, 2: Moderate, 3: High)

Character Attack Speed Damage
Pavle 2 (Moderate) 2 (Moderate)
Katia (Unknown) (Unknown)
Arica (Unknown) (Unknown)
Marin (Unknown) (Unknown)
Boris 1 (Low) 3 (High)
Emilia (Unknown) (Unknown)
Bruno (Unknown) (Unknown)
Anton (Unknown) (Unknown)
Marko 2 (Moderate) 2 (Moderate)
Zlata 3 (High) 2 (Moderate)
Roman 3 (High) 3 (High)
Cveta 1 (Low) 1 (Low)

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