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City Hospital
Area Details
Danger Level: Low
Inhabitants: Guards, Nurses
Useful Tools: Lock Pick x3

Shovel (2 rubbles)

It's been shelled several times, there was a fire and numerous bandit raids. And yet, it still operates. Some wards still admit patients and save lives, mostly thanks to doctor Jefimow, a renowned surgeon, who remains steadfast and keeps the others in line.

–Area Description


The area has a decent amount of hospital aides, patients and guards. The guards are armed with assault rifles and shotguns - being caught stealing or trespassing some areas in the first and second floor will render them hostile. They will patrol the hospital and constantly warn the player not to cause trouble. The nurses will administer free medicine and bandages to sick or wounded Characters, while the doctor will be expecting donations for the hospital. Sick and wounded Hospital patients will be sleeping in beds, or sitting/standing/walking around in the various rooms.

The hospital has several floors with only a few doors. As a result, Guards and other NPCs will have a large area of vision, which limits theft attempts.


The nurses will administer free medications and bandages to any visiting character that is at least wounded or sick (slightly sick and slightly wounded won't be healed). Nurses provide better healing to severely wounded (and perhaps severely sick) survivors versus the survivors using their own supplies at the Shelter. For example, a nurse can heal a 'Severely Wounded' character for free; and when that character returns to the shelter they will have 'Slightly Wounded' status. This skips the 'Wounded' status entirely, healing 2 levels of damage. This is faster and more economic than using Bandages, which only provides 1 level of healing when combined with rest. Any administered Medications are high-quality as well- with a 100% chance of illness lowered by one level the next day.


A Nurse bandages Katia's injuries for free

Doctor (Sandu) Jefimow

The hospital doctor Sandu will ask for donations in the form of medicine or bandages, though it is still possible to make a bargain instead of giving charity. As the doctor expects this to be charity, trying to ask for a bargain will upset him and cause him to admonish your character. Trading medical supplies to the doctor will improve the mood of your survivors. This can only happen once.

Note that as the doctor expects this to be a charity, trying to trade for his items will be difficult, as he has an exorbitant trading rate. Thus, the City Hospital is not a great place to do trading, unless the player is very desperate for medical supplies and has more than one Character being severely sick or wounded, or is low on common items and has medical supplies to trade.


There are a total of 2 guards in the hospital. The first one stands guard at the entrance and has an assault rifle. The second is sleeping in a room at the top of the hospital and is holding a shotgun. The guards in the hospital are not inherently hostile, but will warn you not to cause any trouble. They will also patrol the hospital, making it difficult if the player wants to steal. On some levels, there are no doors at all, making it hard to hide from the large amount of people in the hospital.

If the character is in an unauthorized area, the guards will immediately be hostile and try to gun your character down. Entering the room on the far right side of the top floor will cause the guards to become hostile. Also, pulling out a weapon in front of any of the patients, nurses or guards for an extended period of time will cause the guards to shoot on sight.


A few days after your first visit to the hospital, subsequent revisits may reveal that the hospital has been shelled, and debris needs to be cleared. Several loot containers will spawn. A guard will ask you for your help to find and return any medical equipment found to the doctor. You can choose to keep these medical equipment or to give it in.

If the player did not loot the top floor room prior to the shelling event, then debris will block the area and there will be no way to access the loot containers there.


  • The guard at the front door is considered an innocent civilian and will lower your group's morale if killed.
  • This map will always appear on every playthrough. It shares this trait with the Military Outpost.


  • Only trade counts as charity. Making a donation (giving away goods for free) to the doctor doesn't improve the group's mood as it's supposed to.

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