Broken Guitar
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A, used as repair component
Used to create: Guitar
It's broken, but not beyond repair. It would be cool to pass the time with nice music.

–Item Description


The Broken Guitar is a Material category item in This War of Mine. It is typically found inside locked containers or areas that require tools to access. It can be repaired at an Improved Workshop to make a fully functional Guitar.

Cost to Repair

Guitar Repair Cost
Builder Component Wood Parts BrokenGuitarIcon
Marin 4 8 2 1
Other 5 10 2 1

Locations of the Broken Guitar

  • Inside the locked cabinet down the basement area in the Supermarket (Rapist Soldier Scenario).
  • Ruined Villa (Deserters Scenario)
  • Sniper Junction (Scavenging)/Central Square (Trading)
  • In a locked room of the Hotel.
  • In a grated basement of the small house right in front of the Brothel main compound
  • Basement of Military base.