Category: Other
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Morale boost,
A good book is uplifting. The more we have, the better. If times are hard we can make them into fuel for our heater or stove.

–Item Description


Books are an Other category item in the game. They can be obtained by scavenging or trading.

Priest Olek at St. Mary's Church sells a large amount of books.

A Special Event NPC may visit the shelter and give a large number of books to the survivors for safekeeping til the war ends.


Books help delay the onset of sadness and/or help relieve the symptoms. They can be turned into Fuel at the Workshop and Stove.

The more books you have, the better the "Some thoughts" section of Our Things in the shelter output is. Each Book gives an additional comfort value of "1" up to a limit of 10.

  • 0-2 "We really miss books."
  • 3-9 "We have a few books."
  • 10 "We're glad to have many books."