Category: Household Items
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Simple Workshop
Used to create: Our Shelter
Offers a decent sleep without back pain, no matter if it's night or day.

–Item Description



Bed in use

The Bed is one of the many craftables found in the game. It is one of the most important household items since it allows characters to rest, removing the Tired status. Additionally, sick or wounded characters can rest for a small chance to recover overnight. Combining Bandages or Medications with rest overnight gives a higher chance to reduce an injury or sickness level.

Crafting Cost

Bed Crafting Cost
Builder Component Wood
Marin 5 7
Other 6 8


  • A Tired survivor will recover after 5 hours of sleep. Therefore, during 14 hours of day (from 6 am to 8 pm), having a single Bed can remove Tired status for 2 characters. Having 2 beds is more than enough to provide adequate rest for 4 or even 5 characters during both day and night.
  • During the day, a character with Tired status (not sick or wounded) will automatically get up after sleeping for 5 hours, otherwise they will keep sleeping unless ordered to do something else.
  • A character with Slept Poorly status will refuse to sleep if they are not wounded or sick. However, if they are wounded or sick, they will sleep, and the Slept Poorly status will disappear after 1 hour.
  • If a character is allowed to sleep for more than 12 hours, they will have a small chance to improve a sick or injured status by nightfall.
  • If 2 characters are assigned to sleep at the same time in one bed it's possible that they will both sleep, which is not normally allowed in the game.