Category: Household Items
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Improved Workshop
Used to create: Our Shelter
An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture. If you sit in it with a good book, you can almost forget about the war.

–Item Description



Armchair in use.

Armchairs can be crafted through the tier 2 Workshop. Similar to chairs, they provide a place for survivors to rest when not working and can aid in improving Mood. Also, survivors can automatically smoke or drink coffee once they sit down on one.

Crafting Cost

Armchair Crafting Cost
Crafter Component Wood
Marin 4 4
Other 5 5


  • When there are two or more armchairs in the shelter, the "Some thoughts" note has the most positive text.
  • The armchair can be demolished using a hatchet which will yield two wood and two fuel, same as a chair.
  • The armchair adds a comfort value of "6" however the limit for the armchair is 10. So the second armchair crafted loses 2 points of comfort.